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Sharing your Story

Are you interested in sharing your story on "This is Schizophrenia"? We are always looking for guest posts that fit within the mission of our site. Posts should be related to experiences or advice about Schizophrenia, and they should be sincere.

Suggested Topics

1. Give Suggestions to People

Many people may have difficulty dealing with Schizophrenia, so we ask you to give some recommendations for people. What do you do that helps your daily routine? Is there any food or supplament that helps out?

2. Thank Someone that Helped You

It is difficult to get through alone. If someone you know has helped you or a loved one with Schizophrenia, write a letter to thank that person's contributions!

3. Write A Letter To Someone

If your loved one is having trouble with Schizophrenia, write a letter directed to him/her to show love and support. Please give encouragement and talk about the milestones that this person reached.

4. Talk About Things to Avoid

Talk about negative experiences you had with specific products/services, and explain why other people should avoid these products.


Name is optional; If you leave the box empty, we will preserve your anonimity.

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In the third text input, please share your story about Schizophrenia. We recommend at least 200 words, and please make the story sincere.

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